Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

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One of the most essential things for a website operator or owner is Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). Website operators use SEO to bring more views and traffic to their site. Your site gets ranked on the Search engine on the basis of search engine optimization.

The better your SEO, the higher you rank! To make it simple, when you apply these complicated algorithms to your website. It pops up at the top of the search results of search engines. And by search engines, I mean Google, Bing, Yahoo, results on your screen. You might think the sequence of the results is random.

But, guess what? It’s not! The processes happening on the search engine’s end are way more complicated than you could ever imagine.

The results are based on the algorithms set by search engines when you apply those rules and procedures on your site. When you OPTIMIZE it, it ranks higher on the search results.

The three main Stages of SEO

SEO isn’t a single process; instead, it’s a combination of various rules and procedures. Through SEO, we work on providing the best user experience. We do it by improving the quality of our website and making it user-friendly.

There are three main stages of SEO:

1.Technical SEO
2. On-site SEO
3. Off-site SEO

Technical SEO

Do everything you want to and skip technical SEO. Error! No results were found! It is the building block of your website’s SEO.
It involves all the configuration-related things. You set up your website to make it easily crawlable by search engines. So, they can index you. I can’t emphasize enough on doing it flawlessly

On-site SEO

When you’re done with the technical SEO, you jump into On-site SEO. This includes all the content and elements present on your site. You apply a set of rules to make all the content user-friendly and hence, search engine-friendly.
Search engines don’t exactly read your content. The appearance and context matter to them the most. Here we use tools and techniques like

  • Image SEO
  • Title optimization
  • Headings and subheadings
  • keywords
  • Internal linking
  • Structured data
  • Website structure and more.

The better you use these techniques, the more credible your website is, and the higher you rank on search engines.\

Off-site SEO

Technical SEO-Check!
On-site SEO- check!
What now? The third major part of SEO: Off-site SEO. It is about getting backlinks from outside the website.
It builds the credibility of the website. The quality and number of backlinks are directly proportional to the ranking of the website. Off-site SEO ensures that you are one of the top candidates when someone searches for your target keywords.


There are so many steps included; if you are starting an SEO campaign from scratch and it can seem a bit daunting. The rewards can revolutionize your business, but the entire process requires extensive attention to detail.

The Idea behind it starts to become a bit transparent, Once you understand how all the facets of SEO can work together.

Whether It’s On-page or Off-page optimization, almost every part of your SEO campaign will work together.

Focus on specific keywords (Short tail as well as long-tail keywords), and after some time, you will start to get real results in your business and on Google.

It is essential to take an SEO strategy seriously, and the need for a high-quality SEO strategy has never been higher.

And if you don’t, you can write it down that your competitors are!



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