Ensure you have the right connectivity for each of your locations, meeting capacity and cost requirements.


Support access and productivity for your employees on your sites with a managed LAN designed and deployed to your requirements.

Secure Remote Access

Ensure your teams can access your systems securely, from any location, using any device at any time.


Optimise your network performance by adding intelligence to your Wide Area Network and deliver the best possible user experience.

Managed WAN

Connect your people, places and processes seamlessly with a fully managed network you can rely on.

Managed Wireless Networking

Drive value from your wireless environments. Keep your people connected and gain valuable insights from your guest wireless access.

Overcome your network challenges

You need to ensure that your business network covers geographically dispersed locations, has resilience and has the reliability to meet your connectivity upload and download requirements. Here are some ways that network solution can enable to connect your employees with confidence:


Simplified network management

Reduce the management burden of multiple suppliers by centralising your network services through one vendor and ensuring a single SLA across your network infrastructure.

Assured security across all connections

A large range of network connectivity points across your sites can lead to inconsistencies in security settings. Centralise your security policies and push to your estate from a single point.

Visibility of network traffic

Deliver a high performing network estate. Drill down into areas of your network with ease, benefit from greater insight of activity and identify faults so you can manage the demands on your network.

Supporting availability

Reduce downtime and deliver an assured service to employees and customers. Choose from a range of services which enable a selection of uptime or availability needs as well as budget or governance requirements.


Rapid site deployment

Support your organisational agility by adding new offices or sites to your network quickly and allow them to access centralised data and systems.

Support budget alignment

Benefit from the economies of scale of a managed network provider. Our long-term relationships with multiple connectivity providers help you to align cost and capacity demand with a solution that’s best for you.

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